What is Antares?

A ntares is a platform with many feature, with rich content support, resource management, navigation, collaboration, announcement, SalesKit, and ConnectKit.

How Antares SalesKit Works?

  • Location tracking
  • Sales Visits & Check in (meetings)
  • Sales Leads
  • Sales Accounts
  • Sales Order with Supervisor Approval
  • Integration with enterprise backend (ex. ERP system) for stock checking
  • Sales Fulfilment & delivery
  • Dynamic Forms for survey, questionnaire, checklist
  • And many more features

Why AntaRes?

No more paper problems

Lost or Damaged Forms

Illegible Handwriting

Cumbersome Storage

Slow & Difficult Sharing

Dynamic Forms

Paperless Workflow Enabler



Advanced Features

More Features


Enterprise mobile performance support

Content Browse

Content browse with rich media contents (PDF, PPT, PPTX, MP4, Excel, DOCX, Youtube, Video, PNG, JPG, TIFF)

Announcement & Event

Announcement & Event in calendar view

Bookmark & Sharing

Transferring insights and knowledge with ease

Dynamic & Resource & Management

Simple and Real-time CMS

Intuitive & Navigation

Easy-learn Navigation

Calendar & Support

Announcement $ Event In Calendar View

Case Studies

Fuji Xerox

Industry : Information Technology


Various solutions & industries need to be covered by sales force in the field, need to provide update information, case studies & best practices to them on frequent basis. Furthermore, each opco (operational country) have additional contents are country specific and managed locally.


JobKit enable marketing managers to publish up-to-the minute sales collateral and gather real-time feedback on sales’ need. Each country level admin able to manage various contents and engage their sales directly as well. Next phase embarked to include presentation mode for customer-facing engagements.


Industry : Telecommunications


Product applications & configurations are unique to each customer. Sales force need real-time support, latest configuration, announcements and social contents both for internal learning & external presentation.


Jobkit provide personalized sales kit and market intelligence to sales team anytime anywhere. A training “boot camp” introduced the new solution-selling process aimed at closing deals with higher-level buyers. The My Briefcase tool reinforced the solution-selling process, and teams using these tools contributed to a major increase in larger-system sales as well as higher revenue per sale.


Industry : Banking


Investment product teams who are on the fields require constant support on frequent new product and services or updates, including rules & regulation, procedures and checklists. Configurations and product recommendation are unique to each customer and sales force need fast turn around to address real-time support and documents for external presentation.


Jobkit provides investment account managers and executives with ready to use, update push notifications and clear versioning information for their sales reference, including calendar events, gallery, predefined briefcases and dynamic forms for customer data collection.